Water Flow Switches

Water Flow Switches

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Water Flow Switches:- 

General Indroduction :-

The paddle type WFS series flow controllers are specifically designed for use on liquid lines such as water, ethylene glycol or any other fluid which is not harmful to brass or phosphor bronze and which is not classified as a hazardous fluid.

When a WFS series flow controller is used as an operating control device and where an operating control device failure would result in personal injury and/or loss of property, it is the responsibility of the user to add safety devices that protect against control device failure.

The flow controller can be mounted in a horizontal or vertical pipeline but must be located in a section of pipe where there is a straight run of at least 5 pipe diameters on each side of the switch.


Model Number WFS-25-P
Pipe Connection 1" male NPT
Materials Engineering Plastic
Maximum Operating Pressure 10 bar ( 140 Psi)
Liquid Temperature 1 to 100° C
Set point Adjustment Screw under cover.
Ambient Temperature Limits 0 to 60°C
Flow rates See chart overleaf. Flow Rates m3/h, US GPM & LPM
Bellow life 5.00,000 cycles
Switch Action SPOT, Snap-acting
Electrical Ratings Upto 250VAC, 15(7.5) A, 50/60 Hz
Wire Connections Screw-down Terminals
Paddles Supplied in 5-piece package in sizes 1",2",3",5"
Enclosure Protection Class I.P 55
Conduit Opening 22 mm diameter hole for 1/2" Conduit
Dimensions See overleaf. Dimension in mm.
Shipping Weight O.6/kgs