Fruit Ripening Controller

Fruit Ripening Controller

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 Fruit Ripening Controller

Our company is a celebrated supplier, exporter and manufacturer of Fruit Ripening Controller. The controller is there to control the defrost in the system which is based on cycle inversion or an electrical heater where the compressor stops working. Safety feature are also installed to shut down the system in case of a fault of pressure control or any other device which is similar to it. Apart from this, the acoustic signal is also there to detect the probe error. Moreover, the computer connectivity is also possible plus the optional remote monitoring feature is also available.

Main Features:-

    7 Segment LED display & LCD with backlight to display all parameters and control status      
    In the absence of a CO2 sensor, Unit will work on an ON/OFF logic provided 2 for Damper/Fan operation to vent CO2.      
    Automatic control of Ethylene by operation of a Solenoid valve.      
    In the absence of an ethylene sensor, unit will work on an On/Off logic provided for ethylene solenoid valve.      
    Real time clock incase of power failure to keep in memory number of hours operated.      
    One push button activation for complete operation of ripening process.

Input OutPut:

    Relay Output : 8(3)A for Solenoid Valve, Damper/Exhaust Fan, Humidifier & Alarm.      
    Sensor Input : Temperature sensor : NTC(0-50 C),
                      Co sensor : 4-20mA,
                      0-1%. 2 Ethylene sensor : 4-20mA, 0-999ppm.
                      Humidity sensor : 4-20mA, 0-100% RH.