Chiller Electrical Control Panel

Chiller Electrical Control Panel

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Chiller Electrical Control Panel

Our company is a celebrated supplier, exporter and manufacturer of Chiller Electrical Control Panel. The controller is there to control the defrost in the system which is based on cycle inversion or an electrical heater where the compressor stops working. Safety feature are also installed to shut down the system in case of a fault of pressure control or any other device which is similar to it. Apart from this, the acoustic signal is also there to detect the probe error. Moreover, the computer connectivity is also possible plus the optional remote monitoring feature is also available.

The Subzero “NC 1000” are electrical control panel  that integrate all the basic control functions required by a chiller.

A user friendly LCD screen displays all parameters, status and alarm messages. It is a wall mounted control control panel dedicate to control the chiller and its various devices.

It has Compressor & Pump protection algorithm which include shutting down the system incase of various faults.
It has emergency stop switch which stop the entire system incase emergency condition.

     16 x 2 LCD with backlighting to display all parameters      
    Precise temperature Range : - 30.0ºC to + 70.0ºC and Resolution 0.1 C      
    HP/LP , AUX faults for compressor protection.

3 NTC probes for Liquid temp, Antifreeze temperature, Condenser Temperature.      
    Contactor outputs : Compressor, Condenser, Pump, Relay output : Precision SV,Alarm & Water SV.      
      HP,LP, Compressor O/L, SPP, Pump O/L, Auxiliary Fault trip protection for Compressor and pump Auto/Manual reset for HP, LP etc     
    Compressor current sensing upto 20Amp. It also protect compressor by tripping it in underload & overload conditions.